Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, Supervised by Jessica Guilfoyle, LMFT 90326

Reading therapists’ bio’s to assess compatibility can be quite an overwhelming process. You may not even know what you're looking for. What you probably do know is you want help and want to feel better. 

As a therapist, I am first and foremost a human with my own personality in the therapy room. I value showing up authentically to foster a trusting relationship so that a sense of relational safety can be achieved. My undergraduate degree in psychology from Sonoma State and my Master’s in marriage and family therapy and professional clinical counseling provided me with a foundation of working effectively with people. My work in mental health non-profits and schools continued to fortify my strength in assisting people through their toughest of moments. Ultimately, my goal in the room is to hear and see you.

Honestly, I’m not always a huge fan of this world- we as a society have a lot of room for growth. Tough stuff is happening all the time, and I have to wonder how different things could have been if our schools taught psychoeducation in addition to finding hypotenuses. It seems we are all here struggling with something- either romantic relationships, parenting, identity, self-doubt, or anxious/depressive feelings- and there is a reason this is showing up in our lives. In therapy, we slowly and carefully begin to work towards understanding the different parts of who we are and build a stronger relationship with ourselves. It’s hard work to show up and commit to seeing ourselves in ways that might be uncomfortable, but I’m here to work through those moments with you and develop the growth you want to see happen in your life.