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Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, Supervised by Jessica Guilfoyle, LMFT 90326

I have always been drawn to the human experience and the stories we hold. From our stories comes growth and healing and being able to take that journey with you would be an honor.

I am a therapist but most importantly human, and that is exactly what you can except when working with me. Being your therapist, I like to work collaboratively to create a life you envision. My goal is to always honor your space and authenticity all while considering the complexity and intersectionality of your identity. I aim to bring ease, comfortability, and even humor when needed. I would be honored to be taken into your story, your journey and experience to aid in your healing and growth.

When I am not in the therapy room, I am more likely than not at the beach. If I am not found there, I am curled up with a good book, show or movie. I strive to live my life authentic to me and hope to aid you in your journey to creating a life that you that is authentic to you.

Starting therapy isn’t always easy and looking for a therapist is not either. With the array of emotions, you may be feeling today I hope to sit next to you and provide a space of comfort for our work together. I look forward to connecting with you and exploring your story together.

Robin Sandoval: About Me
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