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I seem to be wired towards empathy – I often feel and pick up on the emotions of others around me, and can rather easily “put myself in their shoes”. I grew up as a dual-citizen in Europe and moved to the US for college, and having been raised bi-culturally, I can often connect deeply with others who feel different, disconnected, or feel there is a part of them that doesn’t “belong”.

My work experience pre- and post-licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist includes working at a residential care facility for troubled youth, in homeless and recovery transitional living, in a psychiatric hospital PHP program, and in private practice settings. I believe there is great purpose for every person’s life, and that their whole being is precious and valuable – even the parts of them that have been rejected by others or cut off and pushed aside by themselves.

My desire is to help my clients find wholeness and peace, even when circumstances around them don’t always change. I approach the healing journey from a holistic perspective, considering the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational parts of a person as equally needing attention and care, as I believe they all affect one another. It is my hope that in our time together, you find a safe haven in which you can build trust with me, allowing you to heal, grow, find peace, increase your ability to manage life’s stressors and hardship, and move into the future seasons of your life with greater confidence, courage, and joy.

I take my responsibility as a therapist but also as a fellow traveler on this healing journey very seriously, and consider it an honor to walk with you.

Christina Armstrong: About Me
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